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Solar Water Heater

  • To current Australian Standards
  • Water Mark/Authority Certificate of Approval including all valves
  • Installation to current Australian Standards and to manufacturers written specification
  • High energy efficiency – generate more than 25 renewable energy credits
  • Suitable for all NSW climate zones, except alpine
  • All Units, Valves and Piping to be frost protected to climate zone
  • Hard water or mineralised water areas to be glycol based using a heat exchanger (primarily NCC Climate zone 4)
  • Natural gas or electricity boosted
  • Solar Panels (hail resistant) appropriate to zone area and size of tank
  • Solar Panels to be aligned between north east to north west
  • Tank on ground preferred, unless ground space is limited then close coupled thermo siphon systems are allowed
Gas Boost
  • Min. 170L with 5 star Gas Boost (all bedroom categories)
Electric Boost
  • Min 160L for (1 Bed) – close coupled for new construction
  • Min 250L for (2 Bed)
  • Min 300L for (3 to 4 Bed)
  • Min 400L with 3 panels for households with 5 or more residents
  • Electric Boost solar capable of off peak electricity supply operation
  • Capable of recovery of more than 50% of the tank capacity through boost
  • Minimum 10 year written warranty - cylinder panels and heat exchanger
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