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Shower Base

Liveable Housing
  • Hob less shower with stainless steel shower grate and trough designed to ensure efficient draining
  • Drainer Min 75mm wide
  • Install with min 2 degree fall
  • Slip rating of minimum R10 and pendulum test score of X.(moderate)
General Housing only
  • To current Australian Standard, including installation
  • Standard Mark/Water Authority certificate of approval and tested to current Australian Standard
  • 900mm x 900mm x 70mm high hob
  • Pressed metal (vitreous Solvent-borne finish) OR moulded plastic (non slip finish)
  • Installed to manufacturers specification
  • Indelibly marked with manufacturers name/-trademark
  • Minimum 10 year written warranty - Latex (Waterborne)
  • Minimum 15 year written warranty - pressed metal
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