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  • To current Australian Standards/Australian Gas Association/NSW Office of Energy
  • Min. 50 micron powder coating to galvanised steel casing
  • AS marking, brand name, serial no. date code, rated air delivery, sound power level in dB(A) at rated air delivery and wattage branded on unit
  • Min. air flow rate 40L/s at max. sound power level 55dB(A) to current Australian Standards
  • Min. 2 speed convertible fan & automatic thermostat cut-off electricity or impedance protected motor (withstand “locked rotor” conditions for 72 hours without burning out)
  • Min. 55 watt motor
  • Min. 3 blade plastic/metal propeller
  • Min. 10 layer aluminium mesh grease filters
  • Wiring encased in plastic conduits, within unit
  • Width to match and align with cooktop or stove
  • Exhaust to outside
  • To be minimum of 0.5mm galvanised steel ducting or ‘Flexi-duct’ similar fire or heat resistant material)
  • Installation to manufacturers specification
  • Minimum 2 year written warranty - parts/labour
  • Minimum 2 year written warranty - filters
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