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General (all models)
  • Painted zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel OR
  • G2 zinc coated steel (Z450) with min. 50 micron polyester powder coat finish
  • Aluminium (min. 20 micron anodised or 50 micron powder coat)
  • Weather hood (for weather exposed areas)
  • A4 envelope size Min 230mm x 330mm and min.160mm high
  • Min. 25mm high letterbox slot
  • Elevated between 900mm to 1200mm above ground on a coated steel post
  • Padlock or key operated camlock
Built-in (brickwork or Aluminium Letter box Banks)
  • Materials as per Section 4 (Carpentry, Joinery and Minor repairs)
  • Aluminium/G2 zinc coated steel/zinc-aluminium coated steel sleeve.
  • Min. A4 envelope size, Min. 230mm x 330mm and Min.160mm high
  • Min. 25mm high letterbox slot
  • Elevated between 500mm to 1500mm above ground
  • Access door pivot hinged on min. 5mm dia. galvanised steel/SS rod
  • Key operated camlock/padlock style lock
  • Max. letterbox bank of 75 boxes (15 wide x 5 high)
  • Minimum 1 year written warranty
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