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Clothes Line

Test report certifying hoist can withstand a load of 150 kg (min. 2kg point loads evenly distributed per all lines/ at max. 300mm centre spacings) without deformation or damage, issued by a registered Testing Laboratory based on current Australian Standards
  • Anodised aluminium or min. 1.0mm thick galvanised steel framing to current Australian Standards
  • Min. 20 micron anodised or 50 micron polyester powder coat finish to current Australian Standards
  • Min. 4 mm dia. galvanised wire or UV stabilised plastic sheathed cord or wire lines
  • All bolts & fittings zinc plated
  • Locking mechanism on frame
  • Installed to manufacturers written specification
  • Min. 4 line (2 BR or less) Max line extension 6.5m
  • Min. 5 line Max extension 6.5 m Awning
  • Min. 14 m line (for 1 BR or less)
  • Min. 20 m line (for 2/3 BR Properties)
  • Min. 35 m line (for 4/5 BR Properties)
  • Ground or wall mounted
  • With tensioning mechanism
Fixed Rotary Type Adjustable (wind-up fixed head hoists)
  • Min. 39m line/4m dia. (for 2/3 BR Property with ground level Private open space
  • Min. 48m line /5m dia. (for 4/5 BR Property with ground level Private open space
  • Minimum 10 year written warranty - frame
  • Minimum 1 year written warranty - line and components
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