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Bathroom Cabinet

All Housing types
  • To current Australian Standards
  • Surface mounted or recessed
  • Cabinet fabricated in 1 mm zinc coated steel (white Acrylic baked Solvent-borne finish) OR 16 mm HMR high pressure decorative laminated board OR heavy duty plastic (Plastic cabinet body minimal thickness of 5mm)
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Silver float mirror glass to current Australian Standards
  • Inside of cabinet (or door) to be branded with manufacturers name
Single Door Cabinet
  • Min. 375 mm high x 405 mm wide x 115 mm deep
  • 3 mm mirror fixed to self closing hinged door or sliding door
  • Min. 1 shelf
Double Door Cabinet
  • Min. 415 mm high x 700 mm wide x 130 mm deep
  • 2 x 4 mm sliding mirror doors with finger slots set in recessed safety tracks (extruded PVC or aluminium tracks fitted to HMR laminated board) OR 2 x 3 mm mirrors fixed to self closing hinged doors
  • Min. 2 shelves
For people with disabilities Single door cabinet and mirror (fixed to wall)
  • Cabinet 975mm high x 300 mm wide x 200 mm deep, with min. 3 shelves (beside mirror)
  • Mirror 975 mm high x 500 mm wide (above basin)
  • Minimum 5 year written warranty
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