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All Housing Types
  • To current Australian Standards
  • Standard Mark (optional) /Watermark/ Water Authority certificate of approval
  • Installed to manufacturers written specification
  • Indelibly marked with manufacturers name/Trademark (visible in the installed position)
  • Rectangular - Min. 1500x750mm wide x 380mm deep
  • Sanitary grade Acrylic (Waterborne) moulded from min. 3.5mm thick sheet, glass reinforced with 10mm dia. steel rod rim reinforcement
  • Pressed metal manufactured from min. 1.6mm thick steel drawn seamless from one sheet of metal, grip coated all over and finished internally with white vitreous Solvent-borne (non skid base)
  • Min. 10mm high tiling bead to all baths built into adjacent walls
  • Fitted with plug & waste
Retrofit Existing General Housing - Acrylic (Waterborne) bath linings
  • Sanitary grade Acrylic (Waterborne) moulded from min. 3.5mm thick sheet reinforced with a fibreglass backing
  • Dimensions to fit over existing bath size
  • Grate and adaptor to suit existing waste drain
  • Fitted with plug and waste
  • Minimum 10 years written warranty - Acrylic (Waterborne) baths
  • Minimum 15 years written warranty - pressed metal baths
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